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 Force Shielder Skills Guide. (By Pika)

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PostSubject: Force Shielder Skills Guide. (By Pika)   Thu Mar 27, 2008 5:44 pm

OK guys since there our dearest mod Enmaye requested to put up as many guide as possible, i shall write one now...

Introduction for Force Shielder
Three types of Force Shielder.
Magic Force Shielder (MFS)
Sword Force Shielder (SFS)
Hybrid Force Shielder (HFS)

Well as again... everything is equal... just that the cons and pros are different.

Magic Force Shielder.
The main use for it, Player VS player (PVP).
Mainly because of Force Shielder high defence and able to cast Magic skills...
Also, blade of judgement (BOJ),a powerful stun skill is also very very useful...
Cons, you got no nice and style Area of effect (AOE) skill (except for BOJ), unlike SFS...
Pros, you will have nice Damage per second (DPS)

Sword Force Shielder
Powerful for Player VS enviroment (PVE)
You have nice skills like Strom Crush ^^ 360 degree AOE skill...
Mostly, you will be combining a lot of AOE skills together to gain exp faster...
Cons, you have lousy DPS...
Pros, able to combine AOE skills (with a most skill having knockdown or knockback...)

Hybrid Force Shielder.
I guess everyone will become a hybrid one day...
You don't want to miss out your Magics or sword skills and especially you bonus point when rank up right?

FS and other class differences...
The name says it all, we have the highest defence of all ^^
Because of our amour set, and a shield that differentiate us from warriors who share the same amoure as us...
IN the future, you will get even more Defence buff skill like shield harden and more!
That's why we have the highest defences...

a number of FS buy criticals items too...
For we have a buff skill which changes our critical rate to 25% more chances, and 50% more damage...
If wear rings of luck, which a mere +1 give you +10%, and wear 2 rings... you know the maths...
Cons, when pvp we tense to rely on critical a lot...
A few times without critical, we might lose...
But for PVE, well... just critical the mobs and see the differences ^^
A miss wouldn't do much changes... ^^

We hold 2 type of things in our hand...
A crystal and a blade...
Crystal will affect the lvl of your Astral Shield...
Both will give you Normal and Magics attacks...

Thats all for for the introduction, i'll give the skill guide asap when i am free...


(aka Pika)
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Posts : 47
Join date : 2008-03-16
Age : 27
Location : singapore, CCK

PostSubject: Re: Force Shielder Skills Guide. (By Pika)   Thu Mar 27, 2008 5:45 pm

Again, skills are all on your own preference...
some may like spiral skill(skills can attack in a line) some may like AOE skill( skill around you)...
It all depends...
Skills on A expert and above are all A MUST!!!
What I will be writing are only up til expert...

Most skill will be pump til only lvl 9 as the Cool Down(CD) time will be the lowest...

Flash Draw

Max skill lvl: 20
Pump: 9
AoE skill
A skill that will follow throughout your life until you get transcender...
Mainly because to train skill lvl, fast CT(casting time) and CD...

Impact Stab

Max skill lvl: 20
Pump: 9 (not important)
Single Mobs
Another fast cd and ct skill, however, no AoE...
Not important, as you just need 2 skill to train at the low lvl, Flash Draw and your Magic, Shield Shock

Force Stab

Max skill lvl: 20
Pump: 9 (not important)
Spiral Skill
another not important skill, attack in a line, low range...
Damage may be higher then impact stab and flash draw, but when you reach apprentice, this skill is totally useless...

Fade step

This is for you to get some distance from the enemies...
Unless you playing MFS, there isn't any need to pump this...
IMO, this is totally useless... In apprentice, dash is a lot more better then this...


Max Skill lvl: 9
Pump: 9
Non attack skill.
A must max skill.
Dashing to escape, close up to enemies, to travel fast..

Power Slash

Max skill: 20
Pump: 0 (Don't waste your precious money, this skill is prettyex when wanna lvl down)
Single mob skill
A single mob skill is useless...
go punch a little more and get the skills below like slash break...

Slash Break

Max skill: 20
Pump: 9
Frontal knock down Aoe skill
A must skill!
by then, you should be able to lure mobs and cast this skill... Your exp should be rolling in...
You can get up to 1k exp per skill with this ^^
this skill will follow you for a long time until you get another frontal skill to replace this...

Wild Strike

Soaring shot

Rising shot

Well to tell the truth, i have forgotten about this 3 skills above...
Cus they are pretty useless to me as you will be relying on Slash break more (more mobs together and AoE, more exp)
Well you could get 1 of these skill if you want too...
But pump til lvl 9 ONLY...

Earth Devide

Max: 20
Pump: 9
Spiral attack skill, range of 4
A nice skill with nice range... Not really powerful in the later game but for now, it may be quite a nice skill for you to use...
also, nice range skill, a range of 4 is consider quite a lot already...
you can hit mobs in a row with this a lot more efficiently...
use this skill for quite some time

Shield Charge

Max skill lvl: 20
Pump: 9 (useless skill too)
A useless skill without damage... -.-"
however, our fastest cd and ct skill
1.3 sec only at lvl 9...


Max Skill lvl: 20
Pump: 9
I am sure you have use slash break before by now... kind of rely on slash break too much already right?
Tired of slash break low damage?
Guillotine will take over slash break jobs now...
A frontal AoE skill, nice damage skill
A MUST skill for training lvl ^^

How to know what skill is useless?
basically, all skill here are useless here in the very late games...
However, you keep them too cus you just have too many slots for skill haha

Question: So how to know when they are useless?
Answer: When you are not using them and find them useless ^^

This is for the swords skills...~


(aka Pika)
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Posts : 47
Join date : 2008-03-16
Age : 27
Location : singapore, CCK

PostSubject: Re: Force Shielder Skills Guide. (By Pika)   Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:02 pm

Magics skills

Save post for further updates


(aka Pika)
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PostSubject: Re: Force Shielder Skills Guide. (By Pika)   

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Force Shielder Skills Guide. (By Pika)
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