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 Velocity aka the Great Wizard's here ! *say hi please*

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PostSubject: Velocity aka the Great Wizard's here ! *say hi please*   Mon Mar 24, 2008 1:12 pm

well what can i say about wiz, hmm early game pvp sucks to the core, ( cause your skill lvl's very low that's why ) but well no worry buddy, cause when your all reach G.master, your will be able to showcast wiz's power, owning everyone in pvp ( provided if your skills & control's fantastic ) sad thing is wiz had a much lower hp then other jobs, & in order to make up for the lost of the hp, wiz have high attack, which makes us to end any battle in a matter of secs or we are finished. yup i think that's all for today, please greed to the teacher, thank you for participating in my lesson, enjoy the game & at the same time enjoy me owning ( hopefully ) Very Happy
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Velocity aka the Great Wizard's here ! *say hi please*
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